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1st resolution: Drink more natural water=more beer!

2nd resolution: Believe in Santa Claus... Just for finding a gift under the Christmas tree

3rd resolution: Start a diet...after the festive 2099!

4th resolution: Stop to buy bags...except if it's a matter of survival!

5th resolution: Help each other when one goes through a rough

6th resolution: Back to school just to feel like a child again and again

7th resolution: I'll do shopping just the days ending in "y"

8th resolution: I become vegetarian if I find the same jamon iberico taste in a vegetarian meal!

9th resolution: Try to understand what E=MC2 means before my kids finish school

10th resolution: I read newspapers only if the news are good

11th resolution: I'll travel all around the world if I'm an annuitant for the rest of my life!

12th resolution: not to become an old pumpkin

13th resolution: to stay up despite the problems!

14th resolution: I stop watching too much TV and begin to listen the radio (old style comes back)..

15th resolution: I'll believe in Santa Claus... I prefer to believe in Charming Prince!

16th resolution: Shopping is a great therapy for women (but not for men)

17th resolution: it's time to tidy up

18th resolution: there comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book - Josh Jameson

19th resolution: the resolutions should not be a dead letter

The proper definition of a man is an animal that writes letters - Lewis Carroll

20th resolution: Stop to be tempted by poisoned apple! Sorry Snow White...

21th resolution: Stay straight and proud as a tree (tree advise)

22th resolution: Stay zen during Xmas time (even if the saleswoman is unfriendly, the shop is overcrowded and you are overtaken in the queue)

23th resolution: I'll still stay epicurean

24th resolution: Celebrate more moments in our lives...not only at Christmas!

25th resolution: Make your dream a reality

26th resolution: See life in white!

27th resolution: Make more "Cheese" everyday!

28th resolution: Begin a diet... Another day!

29th resolution: Party all the night.. but rather when you're young!

30th resolution: Don't forget that you're unique and you only live once!

31th resolution: Appraise the past year's achievement to begin a New Year

Happy New Year 2017!!! I wish you all the best!

Thank you for your support!

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